Episode 95—The Jewel in the Ashes—featuring Robin Easton, author of Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest 

Every single conversation I’ve had on Find the Good News has blessed me in some way. I’ve gained new perspectives, found clarity in my existing paradigms, and watched as clunky ideas and forms of reasoning were turned to ash, fertile soil for fresh spiritual fruits. 


In this very intimate conversation with Robin Easton, author of “Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest,” I listened anew as we traveled each of these cycles for several revolutions. 

Through this show I have made many new and diverse relationship all across the world, meeting people living lives of goodness that I’d never dreamed of connecting with. In traversing these intermingled online circles I met Robin, and it was clear from the jump that she was a generous communicator with a willingness to pour out love and prose like a living fountain.


Nature seemed to create a common bond between us, and it was through this thread that I learned about her book, “Naked in Eden,” a very personal memoir of her spiritual awakening in the Australian rainforest.

I purchased the book and was mesmerized by the rich detail and palpable way she shared the entire experience. This book, and Robin’s special gift of revealing her naked spiritual heart, drew me in alongside her as she experiences an integration with the natural world that so few of us shackled to our cities could ever experience.



Robin was an eccentric free spirit who never quite fit in. She found her soulmate in Ian---a rugged, rowdy Aussie who wanted out of his father's business. Together they planned their great escape, to live off-grid in the remote Australian Daintree Rainforest. As they drew closer to the jungle, Robin couldn't have fathomed how the rainforest would test her. Living with poisonous snakes, stinging trees and paralysis ticks, Robin had entered the food chain. To stay alive, she had to be keenly aware like the rest of life in the forest.


The forest soon became her teacher and healer. As wallabies, bandicoots and birds befriended her, Robin's primal senses reawakened. She shed her fears along with her clothes, and plunged naked into the wild. Exposed to life in ways she had never experienced, Robin started to unravel mysteries of life and death, love and loss, and nature and humankind. With this awakening she made peace with her soul and the soul of the world.



President of Robin Easton Productions, LLC, Robin Easton is an author, inspirational speaker, performing musician, nature photographer, and adventurer. Robin spent much of her adult life in wild and remote areas including, Australia's tropical and subtropical rainforests, Alaska, Western Tasmania, and the far north woods of Maine. Easton has traveled to New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and has lived throughout Europe.


Robin is a passionate storyteller and the author of Naked in Eden, a true story of her adventures in the Australian rainforest. It is through these real-life adventure stories that Robin educates and inspires others to find peace, joy, and healing connection by developing an intimate relationship with the natural world.


Easton has a passionate love affair with the wild, and has well over two-thousand solo hikes under her belt and is usually found hiking barefoot. She is an avid nature photographer and animal communicator. Robin easily communicates with the wildlife she encounters and photographs. Friends have seen Robin call in crows, deer, beavers, rabbits, and other wildlife that linger to share their wisdom and love, and she does it without feeding or touching the Wild Ones. She believes they are safest left wild and untouched.


As a performing artist, Robin has been a concert pianist and now performs the Native American courting flute. Her music has placed in the top 10% of the National Billboard Song Contest out of 30,000 entrants. She has performed music and shared her true-life adventure stories with The New Mexico Conference on Aging, The Field School of Washington, DC, Institute of American Indian Art, Wheelwright Museum, Southwest Seminars, Santa Fe Community College, The Celebration, and more. She has appeared in magazines and newspapers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and in an award-winning NBC News affiliate piece, Paul Harvey News, CNN, KBLA Radio, The Nature Connection, Big Blend Radio & Magazine, The Green Hour: WURD 900AM, KSFR, Huffington Post, and others.

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-Brother Oran Parker

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