Episode 122—The Shifters—ft. Steve Taylor, author of "Extraordinary Awakenings"
09. December 2021
It was a profound moment of illumination in the midst of deep personal pain and set in motion years of curious seeking, discovery, experience, and practice that has offered shelter over my life to this very day. Perhaps this was the reason I so enjoyed the new book by Steve Taylor, "Extraordinary Awakenings: When Trauma Leads to Transformation," and why I was so eager to have him visit me on "Find the Good News." Steve's new book is a collection of potent awakening stories spanning across a wid

Episode 121—The Raw Honey—ft. Kori Hahn, author of  "Rituals of the Soul"
04. November 2021
In the episode of Find the Good News, I visit with Kori Hahn, author of the new book "Rituals of the Soul: Using the 8 Principles of Yoga to Create a Modern & Meaningful Life," published by New World Library. In her book and through our conversation, Kori shares the textured and rich accounts of her own journey while imparting important Yogic wisdom in a digestible and engaging format I'd not yet experienced.

Episode 120—The Permission Slip—ft. Regina Louise, author of "Permission Granted"
07. October 2021
In this episode I visit with Regina Louise, author of the new book "Permission Granted: Kick-Ass Strategies to Bootstrap Your Way to Unconditional Self-Love." Regina is an energetic light with an attractive vibe that makes you want to latch on to her message. It would be easy to say that she's overcome a lot in her life to get to this plateau where she can help others rise and thrive, but that simply doesn't do her story justice.

Episode 119—The Trembling Trees —ft. Jonathon Stalls, Founder-Intrinsic Paths
21. September 2021
In this episode, I visit with a being who has shown up in the world with a genuineness that I deeply appreciate. My guest, Jonathon Stalls, is the founder of Intrinsic Paths, and his feet have carried him on a mission to inspire the people he encounters. Jonathon encourages us to embrace an unhurried, meditative way of being that has the potential to heal on a very deep and personal level, in turn offering the tools required to repair the desperate fissures in this world we all share.

Episode 118 - The Honored Struggle - Beacon Series Ft. Wendy De Rosa, author of "Becoming An Empowered Empath"
31. August 2021
In this conversation with Wendy De Rosa, author of the new book "Becoming An Empowered Empath: How To Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition," I for the very first time, have a guest that clearly and openly speaks about the reality of being an empath. Wendy offers helpful perspectives and strong guidance on how to enhance day-to-day living through empathetic gifts, while not being consumed by the onslaught of feelings that are often not our own. Through her school of Intuitive

Episode 117—The Weeping Sunset—ft. Rev. Dr. Kenneth Patrick, author of "Journeying to the End of Life"
12. August 2021
All the experiences of Kenneth's life have lead to his current passion, providing compassionate companionship and care to those facing the end of their lives, considering this to be the most vital social issue of our age. The hospice method that he presents brings patients, families, healthcare professionals, and faith communities together in unison to reduce the layers of suffering that occur during the sunset of life.

Episode 116—The Burdensome Backpack — Road Trip ft. Mickey Shannon with Resource Management Services
29. July 2021
Mickey is the CEO and President of Resource Management Services, a business that has been providing behavioral health services in Southwest Louisiana for over 25 years. Like most of us, Mickey is so much more than her official title, although after sitting with her, it is was very easy to see why she was called to service in her particular field.

Episode 115—The Human Story —ft. Christy Comeaux and Katie Pennington-Bartlett with the Calcasieu Parish Public Library
25. June 2021
This conversation put me face-to-face with the level of my ignorance related to all of the offerings and services the modern Calcasieu Parish Public Library provides. Certainly, the public library is, and will always be, a resource for those with an appetite for page-turning, but under the stewardship of passionate librarians, just like Christy and Katie, these repositories of diverse knowledge have become so much more.

Episode 114—The Foldover Worlds —ft. Tayria Ward, Dream Analyst and Depth Psychologist
21. June 2021
Tayria's journey is as rich and textured as my young dreams, filled with the promise that there is more connective tissue between our slumbering minds and what most call the real world. What I admire most about Tayria is her willingness to kindly walk with others along the vastness of their dreamscapes, acting as a type of dream sherpa, bringing all her experience to each space or plateau. To me, she seems to stands on many layers at once, with an ability to perceive the overlapping slides bet

Episode 113—The Recovery Defense—ft. Scotty Higginbotham with American Addiction Centers
17. June 2021
One of the great gifts that the Find the Good News podcast has given me is a platform to reconnect with people. We all meet people in our lives through businesses, groups, events, and other gatherings, and if you're like me you may never get that opportunity to connect again outside of those collectives. Find the Good News has opened old doors and made seats at the table of conversation, and I feel lucky to have this resource to reconnect in a meaningful way. My guest in episode 113 —Scotty...

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