Episode 115—The Human Story —ft. Christy Comeaux and Katie Pennington-Bartlett with the Calcasieu Parish Public Library
25. June 2021
This conversation put me face-to-face with the level of my ignorance related to all of the offerings and services the modern Calcasieu Parish Public Library provides. Certainly, the public library is, and will always be, a resource for those with an appetite for page-turning, but under the stewardship of passionate librarians, just like Christy and Katie, these repositories of diverse knowledge have become so much more.

Episode 114—The Foldover Worlds —ft. Tayria Ward, Dream Analyst and Depth Psychologist
21. June 2021
Tayria's journey is as rich and textured as my young dreams, filled with the promise that there is more connective tissue between our slumbering minds and what most call the real world. What I admire most about Tayria is her willingness to kindly walk with others along the vastness of their dreamscapes, acting as a type of dream sherpa, bringing all her experience to each space or plateau. To me, she seems to stands on many layers at once, with an ability to perceive the overlapping slides bet

Episode 113—The Recovery Defense—ft. Scotty Higginbotham with American Addiction Centers
17. June 2021
One of the great gifts that the Find the Good News podcast has given me is a platform to reconnect with people. We all meet people in our lives through businesses, groups, events, and other gatherings, and if you're like me you may never get that opportunity to connect again outside of those collectives. Find the Good News has opened old doors and made seats at the table of conversation, and I feel lucky to have this resource to reconnect in a meaningful way. My guest in episode 113 —Scotty...

Episode 112—The Fist Switch—ft. Paula Lazarz, Shaolin Martial Artist, Soto Zen Buddhist Priest, and Head Instructor at Healthkick Kung Fu
10. June 2021
In this episode I visit Shaolin martial artist and Soto Zen Buddhist priest, Paula Lazarz. Paula Lazarz is the lead instructor of Healthkick Kung Fu in Chicago, Illinois, a school that has been teaching the traditional arts of the Shaolin Temple to children and adults for over two decades.

Episode 111—The Butterfly on the Battlefield—ft. Justin Roberts, Do Good Disaster Relief Series
28. May 2021
In this episode, I have the privilege of sharing my conversation with one such individual, former Army Chaplain Justin Roberts of Echo Bravo Productions and the co-host and producer of the web series Do Good. Do Good is a new web series focused on telling the stories of real people and real helpers who put their resources to work for the hurricane-battered citizens of the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Episode 110—The Best We Can Be—ft. Kristi Hugstad, author of Be You... Only Better
20. April 2021
In this new book, Kristi Hugstad offers a holistic approach to prepare young people for the world their about to entire, offering useful, practical information and real-world scenarios related to the subjects of diet, sleep, money, time, mental health, exercise, gratitude, and mindfulness. It all added up to one that thing, an important thing that I find sorely lacking in the world today, and that is hope.

Episode 109—The Law of Change—ft. Margaret Meloni, Ph.D., host of the Death Dhamma podcast and author of Carpooling With Death
23. March 2021
Margaret is the host of the Death Dhamma podcast, a unique series of conversations about death from a Buddhist perspective, and the author of "Carpooling With Death: How Living With Death Will Make You Stronger, Wiser, and Fearless." Having lost many of her dearest, treasured loved ones, Margaret is no stranger to death.

Episode 108—The Prisoners—ft. Venerable De Hong
22. February 2021
In this episode, I am honored to share my conversation with Venerable De Hong, the co-founder of the Engaged Buddhist Alliance, a Buddhist organization that works with individuals in the California prison system, helping them to cultivate mindfulness and meditation practices.

Episode 107—The Hinge Moment—ft. Reverend Shannon Fleck
09. February 2021
Reverend Fleck is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, a coalition of faith communities, Christian denominations, interfaith organizations, and secular nonprofits that work to connect society to faith-based communities. This mission and this conversation are personal for Shannon. She holds, as do I, that people are informed by what they see, and when they do not see themselves properly represented they are actually being held back from the fullness of humanity.

Episode 106—The Escape Pod—ft. James Hiatt, interim Worship Leader at University Methodist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana
04. February 2021
James showed me a face of Christ that I am so fondly attracted to, and that is the face of Christ that I see planted firmly in the world, out in the wild, with us, not separate from us. He reminds me of the high value of being with the people of the world—in the world—as they are, instead of preparing some grand escape from the worries and woes.

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