Episode 125—The Quieter Stories—ft. Cane River National Heritage Area

Have you ever been to a place that felt alive, as though it were not only a destination defined by its offerings and attractions but rather an actual living, breathing character in the stories of many lives across generations? Nearly 30 years ago, I visited a place like this in central Louisiana, and I've been returning year after year to spend time with this special location. Throughout the years, it has welcomed me as it has many others, and integral pivots in my life story have taken place in this region's arms, allowing me to laugh, learn, wonder, search, love, grieve, and heal. The Cane River region and the historic city of Natchitoches, Louisiana, have been good friends to me, and I've had the honor of working with some of its brightest children and patrons.


In this episode, I had the pleasure of visiting with one of the Cane River region's most resourceful and passionate stewards, Rebecca Blankenbaker, President & CEO of Cane River National Heritage Area. Our paths crossed by chance years ago on a partnership project for the No Man's Land region, an even larger geographic area along Louisiana's western border with a wild and textured tale of its own. It was clear to me at that time that Rebecca was a knowledgeable and effective leader with the resources and know-how to preserve the historic places that wind along the Cane River and help capture and present the colorful—yet often quiet—stories of the people who have struggled, settled and prospered along its banks.


Over the past 15 years, with each visit to Natchitoches, I have noticed projects that have brought increased education, important historic preservation, and a high level of regional and local beautification. These enhancements have changed the face of this charming city and region—my old friend—while retaining all of the familiar, warm features that have called so many back to the Cane River area over and again.


I feel very lucky to have encountered Rebecca Blankenbaker and her team at Cane River National Heritage Area. I am humbled to have now had an opportunity to touch on projects that I will help keep Natchitoches, Louisiana, a highly sought-after destination for wanderers. It's clear that through Cane River National Heritage Area's partnerships and projects, the Natchitoches area will continue to be of interest to seekers, a delight to travelers, and a place to explore, rest, renew, contemplate the past and consider the road ahead.




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